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#Huawei price shock? Where can I buy that $130 P30 Pro you mentioned?
@Huawei #price #shock? #P30Pro #tradein #Huaweiban #P20Pro
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For the un-initiated:
- Baby #Boomers: 1940's - 1960's
- #GenX: born between 1960's - 1980's
- #Millennials: born between 1980's - 1990's
- #GenZ: born between 1990's - 2000's

With that said, check out this article- Millennial on Boomers:
I doubt you do owe us anything Jim, and some of your fellow boomers to add, who very well represent the best of their generation. However, I owe you nothing and can comfortably toss the failures of my generation at your generation’s feet. Let’s not forget, dad, you are the ones who raised us. You stood idly by while #
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Guatemaltecan migrant girl died in custody, due to starvation and shock

The AP news agency quotes border officials as saying she had not had food or water for several days.

So, we can tell that this girl was held in custody because her family, or at least her mother tried to receive asylum in the US. Then, the child was not fed for several days? Are you fucking kidding me? Seriously? The US have become a terrorist state, let's just say it as it is. They prevent themselves from their social responsibility, for situations they could have fought against. But they didn't. The US were founded by immigrants, and now, they want to hold the same out of sight and out of mind. Impeach this fucking rogue administration, for God's sake!

On Thursday, the Washington Post reported that she had suffered seizures after being detained last weekend along with her father and was taken by helicopter to a children's hospital in El Paso.
However, critics accused the Drumpf administration of a draconian response, while Mexico demanded an investigat... Show more...

The #shock of the #weird: cutting-edge #video #art – in #pictures
- #images #photos #foto #photo #photography #photograph #photographs #newsphotography #worldnews

Named after the late experimental film director Derek Jarman, the Jarman award celebrates UK-based artists who work with moving images. This year’s nominees include Daria Martin, Hardeep Pandhal and Margaret Salmon. The artists discuss their work at the Whitechapel gallery in London this weekend. The £10,000 prize is given on 24 November