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Unfortunately there are a lot of assholes in diaspora.
A lot of people with a closed mind,
which have blinkers, and this means that you cannot leave everyone free to comment.
People who live with blinders, and see only one type of direction, fail to accept things outside of their way of seeing things, but unfortunately, in diaspora we find fanatics with blinders, and this means that always they will be there ready to attack people, using more or less violent sharp comments. People who, according to my view, have nothing to do with trolls, not to be confused with trolls.
But even these types of people cannot be fed.
So we have to somehow not allow them to spit venom in our posts.
Unfortunately software like #mastodon or #diaspora does not allow blocking these people to comment in our public posts, while, for example, #hubzill... Show more...


Gestionnaire de protocole web+diaspora://

Hello. :) Est-ce que quelqu'un.e pourrait me dire où trouver plus d'infos sur ce nouveau protocole dont il est fait mention dans les paramètres du profil ?...
Je suis allée chercher sur le Blog et le Discourse de Diasporafoundation, mais j'avoue que je m'y suis un peu perdue... :/

Si vous avez vous-même des éclaircissements et ou des conseils, je suis preneuse, merci. :)

#question #aide #diaspora #protocole #web-diaspora


New topic at /r/diaspora

A "share on diaspora*" button: A large enough icon, appropriate padding, and enough anxiety to sink a rowboat

News articles, food blogs, and everything in between wants you to share it on social media, often adding three or four convenient little "share on [site]" buttons on the page. Thanks to a social media share button project on GitHub I 1. learned that diaspora* exists, and 2. found myself cooking up a share button for it to add to my election maps in addition to many more conventional and better known social media outlets. From I got the neat little base64-encoded asterisk icon thing, but it's only 16x16 pixels. The standard I've set for myself (for a good ish reason) is for stuff like this to be 40x40 pixels. The good ish reas... Show more...

Anyone know why links do not expand within Diaspora? Most links I put in here tend to expand with no fuss. Something on their end?

#Wonkette #Diaspora #Autoexpand #Links #Feature

#diaspora #totp #twofactor #authentication


I enabled Two-factor authentication just to see how it worked and it does do what it needs to do... however, it is incredibly annoying that as soon as I close the browser window, I have to re-log in and also get another TOTP code. So, disabling this for now.



di·​as·​po·​ra | \ dī-ˈa-sp(ə;-)

Definition of diaspora

the movement, migration, or scattering of a people away from an established home



It may be a bit late, but I think I should do the #introduction thingy.

I've used #Twitter for almost 9 years, but I dislike it for the same reasons I dislike #Google, #Facebook and other big commercial data harvesters. I've run my own DNS, web, mail, chat and other servers for some 15 years, so I decided to get "my own Facebook and Twitter" as well.

After having tried #Diaspora, #Friendica, #Hubzilla and #Mastodon, I'm now settling for Hubzilla. It may look a bit awkward and clunky when compared with Mastodon, but it does everything it should do, including talking to pretty much the entire world.

So... You'll still see me on Twitter (WoefdramCX), and I'll keep my Mastodon account @Hans van Zijst open for now, but this one here is "my" account.


Das Internet als Öko-Bewegung

Eigentlich könnte das Internet eine großartige Sache sein, eine basisdemokratische Struktur mit der Option zur maximalen Teilhabe. Schwarmintelligenz nutzen, miteinander agieren, über Grenzen hinweg zu kommunizieren, Inhalte gestalten, Informationen auf schnellem Wege zu verbreiten und zu erhalten, hürdenfrei, ohne Einmischung "von oben". Newsletter, Blogs, Podcasts, all diese Formate tragen zu der Idee des Internets als intelligenter, sich inspirierender Gemeinschaft bei.

Realität ist leider, dass kommerzielle Interessen die Regie übernommen haben und längst die Struktur dominieren und die Idee verdunkeln. Monopolistisch agierende Social-Media-Plattformen wie Facebook, Twitter, YouTube mit seinen gigantischen Werbeeinnahmen durch Produktplatzierungen tragen zu einer Verflachung der Internet-Kultur bei. Der sogenannte konsum- und werbeorientierte Häppchenjournalismus tut sein übriges. Nicht nur die Gefahr von Filterblasen, auch die einseitige und oft genug von Gestaltungswünschen... Show more...

From about May 9th I started noticing my small pod slowing down and maybe somewhat glitchy with the stream. I didn't give it much attention as I wasn't using it much and then on 13th the server stopped responding. I looked into it and the disk was full with logs. Normally I am getting /home/diaspora/diaspora/log/production.YYYYMMDD.log files under 100MB but for a few days each was several GB and Sidekiq monitor was showing a few hundred thousand retries.

It all was about trying to retract some comment which didn't exist.
[2019-05-13T08:12:05] ERROR PID-14607 TID-69813429118360 DiasporaFederation::Federation::Receiver: failed to receive public message: DiasporaFederation::Entities::Retraction::TargetNotFound: not found: Comment:b1894de0-8134-4317-9889-d0f8f93ee0d7 
[2019-05-13T08:12:05] WARN  PID-14607 TID-69813429118360 Sidekiq: DiasporaFederation::Entities::Retraction::TargetNotFound: not found: Comment:b1894de0-8134-4317-9889-d0f8f93ee0d7
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Föderation Statistik

Um mal wieder einen Blick von meiner Instanz zu geben, wie die Federation bzw das Fediverse aussieht folgende Statistik
Momentan kennt dieser Knoten 4.305 Knoten mit insgesamt 2.831.088 registrierten Nutzern, die die folgenden Plattformen verwenden:

Friendica (387/3487)
diaspora (297/663226)
red (6/81)
hubzilla (281/8895)
GNU Social (124/1390)
StatusNet (9/84)
Mastodon (2700/2121566)
pleroma (496/31310)
socialhome (4/1019)
ganggo (1/30)
#federation #fediverse #friendica #hubzilla #Mastodon #socialhome #pleroma #ganggo #diaspora #GNUSocial

#psyco pod has been updated to #diaspora version
Users who want extra security to their account can now set up the two-factor authentication (TOTP)!
Le pod Diaspora* #psyco a été mis à jour avec la version de **Diaspora***
Les utilisateurs désirant plus de sécurité lors de l'accès a leur compte peuvent désormais utiliser la double-authentification (TOTP) !

#diaspora #pod dapor net #outage #downtime #podmin

Diaspora* 0.7.11 is available! I will upgrade asap.
Please expect a short downtime of some minutes, thank you.

Diaspora* 0.7.11 ist beröffentlicht! Ich werde schnellstmöglich updaten. Wird also für ein paar Minuten nicht zur Verfügung stehen

Gibberfish Social has been updated to v., which brings a major security improvement: two-factor authentication (2FA). We recommend that you enable 2FA on your account!

#gibberfish #diaspora #07110 #2fa #security

Updated my #Diaspora #Docker image koehn/diaspora with the v0.7.11.0 changes, and installed it on my pod. Great job, team!


diaspora* version released!

As scheduled, a new minor release is now released. Over the past twelve weeks, we have managed to collect 58 commits made by 7 contributors for this minor release.

A huge thanks to all the contributors from diaspora*'s amazing community! If you want to help make diaspora* even better, please
... Show more...


diaspora\* version released!

As scheduled, a new minor release is now released. Over the past twelve weeks, we have managed to collect 58 commits made by 7 contributors for this minor release.

A huge thanks to all the contributors from diaspora*'s amazing community! If you want to help make diaspora* even better, please check out our getting started guide. Please see the changelog for a complete list of changes made in this release.

Notable Changes

* Support TOTP two factor authentication
* Add a manifest.json file as a first step to make diaspora* a Progressive Web App
* Allow web+diaspora:// links to link to a profile with only the diaspora ID


For podmins, update instructions are available as usual... Show more...

Der Konflikt zwischen Kameruns Regierung und den englischsprachigen Regionen schwelt weiter. Längst hat er auch Deutschland erreicht: Exil-Kameruner demonstrieren gegen Staatschef Biya. Doch nicht alle machen mit. #Kamerun #Diaspora #Deutschland #Exil-Kameruner #Konflikt #Ambazonien #PaulBiya


Fundraiser for

One of the oldest and biggest diaspora pods, is running a fund raising campaign. I was introduced to by Debian Developer Praveen Arimbrathodiyil who has been contributing to maintenance of this service. Although I do not have an account in Poddery(this account is in; courtesy of Danny.K) I was keen on contributing to My modest contributions are mainly changes to the homepage of the service. I tried to make it more responsive and added tweaks related to fund raising that was going on then. The homepage did not look bad back in those times but it looks awesome right now. It is not just the homepage that has improved but the service itself with better uptime and stability.

Visit to know more and find the campaign link.

#diaspora #fediverse #poddery #fundraiser

A year ago, I decided to let my pod die and change to Mastodon. One Reason was, that on most updates something was broken, and I didn´t want to invest so much time just for updating the instance.
I´m ok with Mastodon, but it is a different use case from Diaspora. So now I resurrected my old Diaspora pod. This time I use Docker, so I hope now to have more luck with updates. For now it seems pretty stable.

Suggestion for Diaspora Devs: Add a Dockerfile, a docker-compose file and a documentation for production instances. It would make running instances much easier.

#diaspora #diaspora-dev #mastodon

If someone from #pleroma, #gnusocial, #hubzilla could reply to this thread :

with "this a test reply from xxxx" where xxxx is your network it would be great 😀
I did #Mastodon and #Diaspora but if I've forgotten other network who can read this message your are welcome 😀

the goal is to illustrate the network connectivity of #Friendica

thank you 😀

A question to the community

My office set up is two laptops with different OS:s and an additional screen giving me a three-screen in angle. But what’s Diaspora users’ take on how a good setup works and what it looks like?

(sorry for any “over-tagging”)
#office #setup #productivity #science #screen #screens #howto #bestpractice #computers #linux #windows #ios #mac #pc #overload #overdoing #warroom #controlcenter #homeoffice #workspace #diaspora #relevance #diasporaworth

Bundesweites Kabelnetz: Breko befürchtet Glasfaser-Diaspora #Vodafone #OpenAccess #Breko #Bundeskartellamt #DeutscheGlasfaser #Diaspora #EU-Kommission #EWE-Tel #Glasfaser #Telekommunikation

#pod will be shutdown by the end of august (31.08.2019)

All data will be deleted!

Please backup your data and move to another #pod !!!!

#diaspora #podmin #shutdown #closed

I'm pretty amused to see some of the gang of fascists still whining about how podmins that are "fags", "SJWs" and so on are repressing them, and how they are thinking of leaving Diaspora. And how they have to be on a Russian pod (gee, who would have thunk it?) in order to have "free speech" and by which they mean hate speech.

I sure hope they leave Diaspora. Or at least get themselves segregated to a set of pod(s) that no normal people want to federate with. They sure will be missed. Not! If people that are new to Diaspora join and see these types of assholes - who typically are deceptive in their interests and their posts, only to try to "#redpill" people into their delusional ways - their impression will be quite poor about Diaspora, and that's a real shame. And no, in order for a platform to truly promote free speech, they do not have to tolerate the speech of Nazis.

#Fascists #Diaspora #FreeSpeech #HateSpeech #Conservatives #AltRight #Crybabies #Snowflakes #Republicans #Trump #Spanky #Nazis #Assholes #RkTheory

I'm on

A search for e.g. Xenix does not show this not-limited post: Although it’s tagged. Why doesn't it turn up?

#diaspora #question #linux #bsd #hackernews


diaspora\* freeze

As scheduled, we froze diaspora\* minor release Please check the Changelog for more information on changes included in this release.

If you are running your own pod, please help us test the RC before the minor gets released next Sunday. To get the code, run git pull; git checkout release/ on your development pod. Please be aware that this is a release candidate and, although we did careful testing, bugs may occur. Follow the usual update instructions to get your testing system updated.
Next release (|): 2019-05-12
Next minor freeze ( 2019-06-16

diaspora\* Rapid Release: ICS feed, HTML version
#diaspora #announcement #release #candidate #07110


#PresidentTrump speaks out against Censorship, supports Free Speech

#POTUS #DonaldTrump #President #Donald #Trump #censorship #media #bigtech #FreeSpeech #Diaspora

Anyone out there who knows a good #diaspora #relay server ?

if you are really interested in following RadioGiaco then you must follow the 2, original and clone, otherwise you will always lose something.
Diaspora does not recognize the nomadic identities of hubzilla, and although we always post in the original, diaspora sometimes takes only the clone.

ps : the clone is in site-hub

ps2: this is theoretically true for all the #hubzilla channels you follow: you have to follow the originals and their clones, the posts are not posted double in the #diaspora side, or in one or in the other.

Are you considering a #decentralized social media platform: certain things to consider:

#diaspora #aspects, effective #block #mute (someone on another instance cannot simply follow me on another #Instance), a way to mute socially #problematic voices that #shift #blame. #mastodon

My opinion on the proposed feature "Likes on comments", similar to the one of Facebook®:

This feature will worsen the quality of Diaspora discussions. The likes will become the new measure of the popularity of the comments and we will create ranks of sockpuppet to get more likes.
Is it also possible that it favors psychological dependence as stated by science?
Is it correct to turn Diaspora into a Facebook clone with users who just want to have more likes at the expense of sincerity?
Tags: #diaspora #social #networks #addiction #comments #facebook #github #opinion #coding #discussion #antifeature


New topic at /r/diaspora

Importing Facebook profile in Diaspora

Hi all, Is there a way to import a Facebook profile to Diaspora? Any idea on how to dump all content of a Facebook page that we don't own? For mirroring it to Diaspora for example. Thanks submitted by /u/tantoinet [link]
[comments]Read more at:

#diaspora #reddit

We've had our disagreements on here, and I'm not going to point any blame.

My purpose of this post, however is to say, there is no purpose in splitting hairs on who is a minority. If I say human-like intelligence is a minority group, I'm not suggesting in any way that everyone not artificial intelligence is not a minority group.

I haven't met so many people that are so obsessive about social justice, as people on Mastodon.

Makes me wonder why I ever left here.

#diaspora #mastodon

My #diaspora pod is back and I am happy about it!


Get #DEPONIA for free!

Deponia is an awesome point-and-click adventure – quick, download it!

#free #game #epic #adventure #point-and-click #MonkeyIsland #Daedalic #diaspora

Guten Morgen an alle, wie seit Ihr zu Diaspora gekommen? Habt Ihr auch vorher Facebook genutzt, oder seit Ihr gleich hier bei Diaspora eingestiegen? Meine Geschichte ist folgende, Facebook habe ich recht intensiv genutzt und wie es dann dort so ist, habe ich eine Freundschaftsanfrage von einem guten Kollegen erhalten. Da mittlerweile das "haken" von Facebook Profilen in vollem Gange war, habe ich die Anfrage nicht sofort bestätigt. Auf Rückfrage bei meinem Kollegen am anderen Tag, bekam ich die Antwort, Ich habe Dir keine Anfrage geschickt, ich kann Dir auch keine Anfrage schicken, ich bin seit über einem Jahr schon bei Facebook abgemeldet. Das Ganze ist passiert im Frühjahr letzten Jahres. Das war dann der berühmte letzte Tropfen der Fass zum überlaufen gebracht hat. Kurz danach bin ich komplett bei Facebook ausgestiegen. Whatsapp musste vor ca.3 Monaten dran glauben.
Vielen Dank für Eure Geschichten und ein schönes Wochenende für Euch alle.
#Diaspora #Facebook #Geschichten #Lebenswege

Without any searching on my own, quick question, is there a bug with downloading data? Tried numerous times now
Hello certainquirk

We’ve encountered an issue while processing your personal data for download. Please try again!


The diaspora* email robot!


One the languages of Diaspora Jews in the US

Since this is a JSTOR article, I am not going to quote from it, nor am I going to do anything else with it, except trying to sum up the content. It's about the languages of the Jews living outside of Israel, mainly being located in the US, one of the most preferred exiles during the persecution their forefathers experienced in the Old World. Unlike in Israel, many of them don't necessarily speak Hebrew, let alone Yiddish. Still, their religion's origins highly influences their English, spreading in several loanwords, therefore giving it a certain, unique ring to it.

Since I didn't read it to the end yet, I recommend you to read it yourself, it's about 40 pages long and accessible for free. Enjoy!
#Linguistics #Language #Speech #... Show more...

We are currently holding a 3 days hackathon in the Mozilla office in Berlin. Hopefully some exciting work is going to be accomplished!

diaspora\* is a community project only built by volunteers. If you want to contribute, now is a good time to join! Check out the wiki page and look for newcomer and help wanted issues on github. Join #diaspora-dev on IRC freenode if you want to chat!

If you're not technical, check the other ways to contribute.

Of course, we need to thanks @Dennis Schubert for the organization and #mozilla for hosting us. Keep rocking the free web!

#diasporaHackathon #diaspora #berlin


American Football is getting started, so...

#FantasyFootball is getting going too. If anybody on #Friendica #Mastodon #Diaspora #Prolerma #Pixelfed #GNUsocial or any #Federated #ActivityPub user on earth wants to try it, I can be the Commissioner.

I've run leagues in the past and I set the points so that it's hard for a skilled person with advanced game knowledge to have an advantage, and beginners have a real chance at winning. In the past, I did leagues with buy-in and free to enter. Both are equally fun. The buy-in leagues had trophies and all the buy-ins were paid out in prizes; any manager had 50:50 odd's of winning back their buy-in. #FantasyFootball


American Football is getting started, so...

#FantasyFootball is getting going too. If anybody on #Friendica #Mastodon #Diaspora #Prolerma #Pixelfed #GNUsocial or any #Federated #ActivityPub user on earth wants to try it, I can be the Commissioner.

I've run leagues in the past and I set the points so that it's hard for a skilled person with advanced game knowledge to have an advantage, and beginners have a real chance at winning. In the past, I did leagues with buy-in and free to enter. Both are equally fun. The buy-in leagues had trophies and all the buy-ins were paid out in prizes; any manager had 50:50 odd's of winning back their buy-in.

Hello everyone, I’m #newhere. I left most major social media services awhile ago, and reduced to mainly just Mastodon. I’m just trying out #Diaspora as a possible replacement for Facebook, which used to function in that intermediary format space between Twitter and Blog. I like the interface, and I like the idea, so I’m willing to give it a concerted try.

However right off the bat I’m running into some trouble with connecting other services. When I click on the WordPress link, I get:
Invalid request, please go back and try again. 
Error Code: invalid_client 
Error Message: Unknown client_id.
and clicking on the Twitter link gives me:
Internal server error. Our bad! Sorry about that. :(
Hey @diaspora* HQ, I am wondering if this is a temporary issue and I just have poor timing, or is this an ongoing “to be added” feature for sometime in the future? Is this an issue just with this specific Pod, or is it a broader issue throughout the Diaspora fediverse? Thanks for your help.

#question #bug

#questions #Diaspora
Can you edit a post once it is shared?

I can't find anything on editing posts in the tutorial or FAQs.

Trying out the image capabilities of #Diaspora. I've selected 7 images from a recent visit to #Colonges-la-Rouge in the #Corrèze but it seems to have added only one image. I don't think this is a problem with #Diaspora because same thing happens when I upload images to #WordPress.

Another image added, but only one at a time. The photos are stored in #Googleimages so I wonder if this is a browser, Android or Google issue. I'm currently using an #ASUS #Z500M tablet.

#vorhaben #plan

Ich werde mal sehen, ob ich die Artikel aus meinem Blog "Gerhards Gedankenbuch" künftig wieder ungekürzt hier veröffentliche. Bei reinem Text ist das kein Problem, das geht über kopieren und einfügen. Bei Links ist Nacharbeit nötig, weil sie in #Wordpress in #HTML geschrieben sind, in #Diaspora aber in #Markdown.


Bonsoir tout le monde,

Vous avez pu le constater, le développement de diaspora* stagne ces derniers temps. Cela est principalement dû à un manque de temps de la part
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#question #Diaspora

De kessé???
#Xanax, #Dihydrocodeine, #Etizolam, #Cocaine, #LSD, #Ketamine…
La #vente de ces #substances sont légales ici?

Xanax, Dihydrocodeine, Etizolam, Cocaine, LSD, Ketamine…
Are the #sale of these substances legal here?

Xin chào mọi người,
A blue-top, silver and redesigned livery with a new corporate "Korean Air" logo featuring a stylized Taegeuk design was introduced on March 1, 1984, and the airline's name changed to Korean Air from Korean Air Lines. This livery was introduced on its Fokker F28 Fellowships and Boeing 747-300s. It was designed in cooperation between Korean Air and Boeing. In the 1990s, Korean Air became the first airline to use the new McDonnell Douglas MD-11 to supplement its new fleet of Boeing 747-400 aircraft; however, the MD-11 did not meet the airline's performance requirements and they were eventually converted to freighters. Some older 747 aircraft were also converted for freight service.
Hãng hàng không Eva Airlines
Mua vé máy bay đi Mỹ giá rẻ
Đặt vé máy bay đi M... Show more...